Things to Pay Attention To Immediately Following a Filling

Posted on 10/20/2019 by Dr. Leary
Things to Pay Attention To Immediately Following a FillingHaving work done on your mouth can often be a bit uncomfortable. After all, it's how we communicate, how we feed ourselves, etc. Having a cavity filled is a completely common procedure and even experiencing mild symptoms afterwards as well.

In this article, our dentists are offering some helpful things you can do to be more comfortable after having a filling done on your tooth. If for any reason you are experiencing severe pain and discomfort, you should return to our office immediately.

Something is Not Feeling Right

During the procedure, you will be placed under light anesthesia, once it wears off, you might have a feeling that your filling does not feel comfortable in your mouth, jaw or tooth itself, make sure you let us know if you feel any of these things so we can make sure to correct while you are in the chair.

If after you have gone home, and you are still experiencing sharp pain and throbbing, you might need to have more of the root pulled out due to decay. It's important that you schedule a root canal if you think this might be the problem.

What to Avoid
We recommend that you do not eat any type of candy or sweets, after your filling for at least two to three weeks. If you happen to have any of the symptoms we discussed above, you can also try to avoid extremely hot or extremely cold beverages. You do not need to avoid brushing the tooth or teeth filled. You can resume your daily routine immediately after a filling, including flossing, as much as two times per day.

You can treat your slight to moderate discomfort with normal ibuprofen after your filling. Visit our website to schedule your free consultation or call us today. We can prepare you for the procedure and what to expect. Get educated and know how to practice good oral hygiene.
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