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Image of a 3-D Cone Beam CT scanner at Sylvan Heights Dental in Portland, ORIf you haven’t yet heard of this recent innovation in dental technology, it’s understandable. 3D cone beam scanning is essentially an imaging method that helps us create clear, in-depth pictures of a patient’s teeth, jawbone, and surrounding soft tissues. Today, we at Sylvan Heights Dental will introduce you to some of the basics behind the equipment we use for this procedure as well as the benefits.

If you have questions or to schedule a consultation with Dr. Jeremiah Leary to see if cone beam scanning is right for you, call (503) 297-1471.

Where Does The Term “Cone Beam Scanning” Come From?

We call this particular device a cone beam because the X-ray used is literally cone-shaped. Traditional CT scans, by contrast, have fan-shaped X-ray beams.

How Does Cone Beam Scanning Differ From Standard X-rays?

Our technology sets a new standard for panorama imaging, providing auto-focused pictures and sharpness even in cases where certain areas of the mouth may normally be difficult to trace. The automatic positioning provides an ease of use for our team and offers individually adjustable ambient light for added detail.

How Do I Prepare For A Cone Beam Scan?

This procedure requires no particular preparations whatsoever. You’ll probably merely be asked before the scan to remove anything that carries risk of interfering with the imaging (glasses, hairpins, hearing aids, jewelry, other metal objects). In certain cases, we may also ask that patients relinquish any removable dental work or prosthesis they’ve gotten to ensure the best possible image from collected data. It is generally recommended that you bring these to your examination regardless, since examining them can also provide us with valuable information. As with any X-ray, if you are a woman and believe there is the slightest possibility of you being pregnant, you should tell us immediately before we proceed.

How Is A Cone Beam Scan Done?

On the day of the procedure, we will situate you comfortably on our exam table before Dr. Jeremiah Leary positions the area being scanned to be centered on the beam. You will be asked to remain very still while the machine does its job, capturing several images of your head at every angle in a full 360 degrees. A full mouth X-ray normally takes between 20-40 seconds. Once finished, these pictures will be reconstructed until they form a single full maneuverable 3D image. This process is completely painless and you will be able to return to your everyday routine afterward.

Benefits Of Cone Beam Scanning

•  Outstanding images: Our unique DCS sensor provides the best quality images.
•  Reliable image sharpness: This technology helps display consistent detail at different levels.
•  Comprehensive panoramic and cephalometric programs: Our equipment allows retrofitting of optional ceph arms on the left or right for your bitewing or sinus.
•  Safe and comfortable patient positioning:Using motorized temple and forehead support, automatic temple width measurement, light localizers and sturdy handles, you can count on minimal discomfort.
•  3D that accommodates every patient’s needs: We can produce 3D pictures in the dose range of 2D X-rays and HD images with up to 80 μm resolution.
•  Volume flexibility: From ø 5 cm x 5.5 cm to ø 11 cm x 10 cm.
•  Optimal image reproducibility: Our auto-positioning with the occlusal bite block and intuitive EasyPad help grant maximum stability.
•  Pleasant atmosphere: Our ambient light is available in over 30 different colors.

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At Sylvan Heights Dental, we use 3-D Cone Beam scanning to help us create clear, in-depth pictures of a patient's teeth, jawbone, and surrounding soft tissues. Learn more!
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