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You Need to Fix Broken Teeth As Soon As They Happen
Posted on 3/30/2019 by Dr. Leary
Have you ever bitten down into something chewy and soft only to feel a crunchy, hard sensation instead? That sinking feeling may lead to the discovery of a broken tooth, but you may not know what to do now. If you break a tooth, you should be sure to visit our office as soon as possible for...

Why You Should Consider Switching to Alcohol-free Mouthwash
Posted on 3/20/2019 by Dr. Leary
There is no doubt that mouthwash can leave your mouth feeling clean and fresh. It can also help to take care of bad breath, and it even can get rid of harmful bacteria that is found in your mouth. The question is, what type of mouthwash should you use? Should you make the switch to alcohol-free...

Do You Have Hidden Sugar Anywhere in Your Diet?
Posted on 2/28/2019 by Dr. Leary
While most people do not need to cut sugar completely out of their diets, it is something that should be limited. Processed sugar can lead to extra pounds and other health problems. Sugar coats your teeth and can cause several different dental problems. You may think that you are doing a good job...

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