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Young boy in football uniform with a mouth guard from Sylvan Heights Dental in Portland, ORPlaying sports, whether for a school team, a community team, or just for fun, is a great way for your child to be active, get involved, and burn off some energy. Some sports, however, have a higher risk of injuries than others. For this reason, wearing the proper protective gear is one essential dental service we offer. Sylvan Heights Dental can help your child to protect their mouth with a mouth guard.

What is a Mouthguard?

A mouth guard is an oral appliance that is worn in the mouth to protect while your child plays sports. It fits over their top teeth, protecting them against physical damage, displacement, and avulsion. In addition to keeping the teeth safe, a mouth guard also helps to protect the soft tissues in the mouth as well as the jawbone. The mouth guard works to cushion any impacts to the face that your child might face while playing, preventing serious damage from occurring.

Options for Mouth Guards

There are a few different types of mouthguards available.
•  Stock: Stock mouth guards are widely available and can be found at just about any sporting goods store. They are one of the most affordable options. However, they are pre-molded. This means that they may not properly fit in the mouth. When a mouth guard does not fit properly, it can interfere with breathing and increase the risk of injuries.
•  Boil and bite: A boil and bite mouth guard is another widely available option. These mouth guards are made from a special material that softens when boiled, allowing your child to create a semi-custom fit when they bite into it.
•  Custom: A custom mouth guard is made from impressions that we take in our office. These impressions allow us to create a mouth guard that will fit your child perfectly. Our mouth guards are also made from the highest quality materials. While custom mouth guards cost more than ones that you can find in a sporting goods store, you can rest assured that this mouth guard will provide your child with the best possible protection.

Mouth Guard Benefits

A mouth guard provides your child with many benefits. These include:
•  Preventing tooth damage, displacement, and avulsion.
•  Protecting soft tissues from lacerations and other injuries.
•  Preventing jaw fractures.
•  Reducing the risk of concussion.
•  Money savings. Preventing serious harm will help to save money by preventing the need for expensive dental care.

Caring for a Mouthguard

For the mouth guard to provide your child with the best protection, it is important that it be well taken care of. The mouth guard should be rinsed before and after each use. It should also periodically be cleaned with soap and water or brushed with toothpaste. When your child is not using their mouth guard, it is important that they keep it stored in a protective case in a safe location.

Make sure that they do not leave it in the car, exposed to heat, or exposed to direct sunlight. Heat and light can warp the material, greatly reducing its effectiveness. Help your child to examine their mouth guard from time to time to look for signs of wear and other damage. If the mouth guard is damaged, it will not provide optimal protection, and needs to be replaced.

With a mouth guard, your child can protect their mouth from potentially serious dental injuries while they enjoy the sports they love. For more information about mouth guards and other types of dentistry for kids, and to schedule an appointment for a custom mouth guard for your child, call Sylvan Heights Dental at (503) 297-1471.
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Some sports have a higher risk of injuries than others. Sylvan Heights Dental can help your child to protect their mouth with a mouthguard. Click here to learn more.
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